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Shelby here! I'm a Texas based wedding videographer who loves to create cinematic, bold films that capture beautiful, once in a lifetime moments. I am a firm believer that film moves people in a way that still images can’t.  Memories can grow dim in your mind, but with the right film, the story and emotions are encapsulated forever. 

My drive and purpose in everything I do is my family. As a wife and a mother, I understand how invaluable it is to preserve these memories to one day be able to share with your future children. It's this perspective that gives me a greater ability to capture your wedding and tell your story.


the story of


If I told you I have my Bachelors in Accounting, Masters in Management Information Systems, and a Texas CPA license, would you believe me? My background has absolutely nothing to do with videography, which is what makes my story so different.  As a kid, my love for cameras was just as strong as my love for playing guitar and piano. As an adult, videography became the creative outlet that combined these two loves of music and cameras into one passion.


After a few years in corporate accounting America, I got pregnant with my daughter Sage and decided the 80 hour work week was not the lifestyle I wanted while raising my little girl.  With the support of my incredible husband (who you may see every now and then as my trusty second shooter), I decided to take a big risk- quit my job and pursue videography as more than just a hobby.  There was never a doubt that the wedding industry was where I wanted to dive into. After filming just one wedding, I was hooked! I fell in love with everything- encountering remarkable couples and hearing their stories, the uniqueness and subtle details of every wedding, and above all- creating a film that sparks every emotion from laughter to tears. 


It is safe to say I have found my calling and I thank God every day that he opened the doors to get me to where I am today. I take on a very limited number of weddings every year so that I can pour everything into my couples and their films.  If you love my work, let's make this happen!

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. For all wedding inquiries, please submit a form via the 'Inquire Here' button. For all other inquiries, please reach out via email.

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